Losing Yourself In A World Full of Constant Communication

“stop,smell the roses” 🙂


In the last 2 weeks, I heard three different people say to me: “You remembered that? Wow, most people don’t remember such small details about my life. I’m impressed!”

My immediate reaction was to say: “Oh, why not?” It seemed almost absurd to me that someone would forget such interesting details about another person’s life.

Then it hit me. In a world where we are hyper multi-taskers constantly exposed to new data, information, and communications within our professional and personal hours of sanity, the value of simple day-to-day interactions with real human beings has slowly become diluted. I don’t want to say that personal relationships have become devalued, but it has certainly started to feel this way. Being on large projects or working in big companies or even living the life of a social butterfly certainly has its own set of precautions. Our personal relationships and daily interactions can easily become

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Petrichor- The Smell of Childhood

Petrichor,the sweet smell of rain beautifully explained


I don’t remember my childhood.

Nothing except the smell of the monsoon rains, right before they lashed onto the verandah. Me, the solitary crawler, both enchanted and perplexed by a sudden downpour, would rush indoors to the safety of my mother’s lap. Such memories are vague, rather loosely etched on my mind. But the smell of the rains, the Petrichor, is something I can never forget.

I suspect that the ravishingly beautiful Petrichor is hard-coded deep into the minds of every human being. It is passed onto an individual through an infinite chain of forefathers. Or maybe it is simply a gift from heaven. After all that’s where the rains come from!

IMG_55338 Rains-Monsoon in India

I cannot help but wonder– how the first homo sapien, the legendary Adam (or his Indian counterpart, Manu) had reacted to the first onset of rains. Did he enjoy it as much as I…

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