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As dark as it seems,
It might not be.
Lost is what I am,
My mind is not free.
Preoccupied-penetrating thoughts:
Like a brimming balloon awaiting rupture.
My mind awaits,
For a glimpse of rescue-
Like a knight in shining armour.
Unheard, ignored, broken,
At the failed attempts,
Inability to attain closure.
Thoughts so loud: haphazard,
Sunk in my mind,
Like foot in quick sand!
Again I am there,
Exasperated to flee this place
To escape and find solace.
I know, I know, peace begins inside me,
I know, I know, escape is not the key.
I’m scared-
To face the ferocity:
Of the wild winds.
To throw the weights,
I need some strength,
Though the strength lies in me,
I am scared to go, to that length.
I am scared, with my heart fluttering-
Not the one with butterflies,
But, with despair and fear
Ignorance is bliss at times,

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