My Heart is His to Break

wonderfully expressed 🙂

The Invisible Poet

I had been alone for far too long
And I told myself that that was good
Because if you are on your own
Nobody can break you.

I believed I was better off without love
I thought it didn’t exist for people like me
We were too cold and too fragile
Our darkness too much to bear.

And so I settled on loneliness
And told myself it was for the best
And I was almost content to live that way
Until I met him.

My heart aches constantly now
I live in a state of agonising bliss
When he is near me I can’t believe my luck
For I have found someone to love.

I love it all.

The sound of his voice, the taste of his lips
The freckles on his skin, the smell of his hair
One touch from him and I am struck by lightening.
He makes my…

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